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The tumultuous reign of the Jubilee Administration remains one of the most intriguing political decades in Kenya.
In For the Record, Hon. Aden Duale, the first Leader of the Majority Party, and the longest-serving legislative playmaker of that administration, reveals the unofficial local and geopolitical intrigues that informed national priorities. For a man who worked closely with three presidents and a prime minister, Duale had to tell his story.



This riveting book needed to be written for the record.


The book is peppered with candid recollection of key events, dates and private conversations that illuminate the thinking of Kenya’s top leadership. It reads like frank self-assessment – warts and all — from a grassroots lawmaker with a national profile, a clear-eyed introspection by a connected powerbroker.


The book reveals that for the majority of Kenyan politicians, the currency is betrayal, treachery, hypocrisy and greed. For the reticent minority, politics is about personal determination to change lives, strategic focus to sustainably empower people, keeping public interest first. Duale reflects on the philosophy of the hustle. He shows that even if you have a mentor opening doors for you, you must work hard. In the end, with God, all things are possible.


About the author

Hon. Aden Duale was born in 1965 in rural Garissa in the North Eastern Region of Kenya. He received his basic education in Garissa. He did his advanced level studies at Moi Forces Academy in Nairobi, and thereafter went to Moi University in the Rift Valley town of Eldoret, where he earned a degree in education. He worked as a teacher of history and economics before venturing into retail and wholesale business.

Duale has been elected four times on four different political parties in four different elections. He served as an assistant minister in the Grand Coalition Government between 2008-2011.

In 2013, he became the first Leader of the Majority Party in Kenya, a position created by the 2010 Constitution. Under his tenure, he steered the passage of at least 150 Bills into law. He was unceremoniously removed from the position in June 2020, in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic as the jostling for President Uhuru Kenyatta’s successor took centre stage.

In 2022, he was appointed the Cabinet Secretary in the Ministry of Defence serving with his close friend and President, Dr. William Ruto. 

Duale is a committed Muslim and community leader, a loving husband, a doting brother, a hard-working father, and a dedicated public servant. He  lives in Nairobi and Garissa.

The Sunday Standard

"For The Record is a welcome part of our political literature. It is also one of a kind..the book offers candid insights into the chicanery, backstabbing and behind-the-scenes deals that accompany Kenya’s power politics. The political treatise gives insider information few Kenyan public figures have [dared to give] in the past, hence a must-read for lovers of Kenyan politics and aspiring politicians." -The Sunday Standard

The People Daily

"Written in a racy, breathless style, the book is a literary whirlwind given the author’s stature in Kenya’s political landscape…For The Record has set a high bar, both in terms of (auto)biography writing in Kenya and in telling the Kenyan political story forthrightly" -The People Daily

The Saturday Nation

"As expected, Mr. Duale draws blood–making minced meat of opponents -his words smashing, crashing, cracking, slicing, slashing and splitting…"
–The Saturday Nation

My friend and comrade Aden Duale has always been a straight shooter and he lives up to the billing in his well-written book – For The Record. The book recounts a journey that begins in Garissa and ends at the heart of Kenya's politics covering all major political events of the last two decades, including the International Criminal Court cases, the rise and implosion of Jubilee Party, the 2013 and 2017 elections and the Kenya Kwanza victory of 2022. The book is a story of faith, public service, leadership and a desire to change lives, especially in northern Kenya. It provides remarkable access to major political events and political personalities. This is not just a book about politics and politicians, it is the story of a man and his life in public service, a story that is forged in the heat of Garissa Town and a deep lifelong faith in Kenya and Allah.
H.E. Dr. William Ruto
President of the Republic of Kenya and Commander-in-Chief of the Kenya Defence Forces
A good thought is better; it is, however, best when put down for the record for future generations. We have a lot to learn from your thoughts, reflections, and experiences
H.E. Rigathi Gachagua
Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya
For The Record is historic – the first book in our country by the first Leader of Majority Party in the National Assembly. It is momentous that Hon. Aden Duale, a serving politician and senior public servant got to write this revealing book that tells the inside story of our politics, with such wit, contextual history, and remarkable conviviality. He vividly portrays political betrayal, deceit and hypocrisy in shocking detail, while also shining a light on the moral dilemma that faces many political leaders. Politicians are ever engaged in an eternal struggle between political survival and party politics on the one hand, and public interest and national interest on the other. Duale shows how he navigated these delicate politics while still serving his people. It offers crucial lessons for all of us in political leadership, especially, those of us interested in our country’s transformation. Reading Duale’s personal story about his growing up, his schooling, and his career as a businessman and a politician, I can see the proof of his courage, his honesty and his indefatigable sincerity. If anyone wants insights into how Parliament makes laws; how the Executive and the Judiciary work with the Legislature, and how public interest, national interest and political survival determine national priorities –this is a guide to that political mud-wrestling ring. More books like these need to be written, for history, for the present, and for the future.
Rt. Hon. Dr. Moses Wetang’ula
Speaker of the National Assembly of Kenya
I can attest that my Cabinet colleague, Hon. Aden Duale, has been very candid and frank in his narration. He has shown the capacity to endure challenges without falling apart, and his thread of courage has painted a clear picture that reflects both political deceit and political forthrightness. Vividly, one can see the bad side of politics and also reflect on the good side of it since politics too can be honourable. His is a story of change as much as it is of stoicism. A lesson not only for now but also for future generations.
Hon. Musalia Mudavadi
Prime Cabinet Secretary
Aden Duale is many things, but the one thing I have learned about him is that he is a very conscientious and religious person. He is a man of faith. I have learnt the lesson for those of us in politics and public life. As much as we do, what we must do in the public space, we must take care of our private, spiritual and family lives. Many people believe politicians love money. Aden Duale and his experience have proved that not all politicians love money. Because if it were about money, at the time when it really mattered, at the time when the issue before ‘us’ was – it’s either you betray William Ruto and get all the money in the world, or you stick with him and pay the price” – Aden Duale chose to stick with his friend, the president. For the younger politicians, please, friendship, loyalty, and truth are superior to power, money and betrayal.
Prof. Abraham Kithure Kindiki
Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Interior
Thank you Hon. Aden Duale for penning this exhilarating account of your journey in politics thus far
Senator Aaron Cheruiyot
Leader of Majority Party, The Senate of the Republic of Kenya
A tell-all no-holds-barred memoir. If you're a student of politics, this is a MUST-READ! It is a page-turner. It is a good read, a really good read.
Jeff Koinange
Emmy & Peabody – Award-Winning Journalist, Talkshow Host -JKLive
For The Record remains the most inspiring memoir as it offers a unique insight into Kenya's political gameplans and transformations through the eyes and true accounts of a forthright leader
Hon. Isaac Ruto
Governor, Bomet County (2013-2017)
Throughout the book, Duale shares his personal and political experiences, highlighting the challenges and triumphs that shaped his journey. His story is a testament to the power of perseverance, determination, and a deep commitment to serving the public
Hon. Justin B. Muturi
Attorney General, Republic of Kenya and Speaker of the National Assembly (2013-2022)
With the launch of your book, For the Record, Aden, you have set a new bar for family, friends and other to not only admire, but emulate.
Hassan Omar Sarai
Senator, Mombasa County (2013-2017)
For a gripping insight into Kenya's intriguing political landscape, read Aden Duale’s For the Record. With personal anecdotes and sharp analysis, Duale reveals the currency of betrayal in politics and the determination needed for real change. Don't miss this revealing read.
...a candid analysis on Kenya's political landscape dictated by the currencies of politics: betrayal, treachery, hypocrisy and greed
For The Record unwraps the swathes of betrayals, exposing the deception in our politics. This is the first step to nurturing a crop of transparent leaders.

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